Wendy’s Milk Bar –Simple – Successful- Profitable

For Sale $280,000 Plus Stock

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  • The most recognised and well-loved Australian success story with over 125 stores across Australia and NZ.

  • Probably the simplest business model , Ice creams , Milkshakes , Hotdogs , Ice cream Cakes.

  • Wendy’s Milk Bars have become a necessary part of visiting your local shopping centre, parents often ‘’Bribe’’ their children by promising them a treat at Wendy’s Milk Bar if they behave !

  • Simple , Successful,  Profitable,  , fully supported with excellent training and fresh ideas to keep their customers coming back for more.

  • This store has a New Fit Out

  • New 5 Year lease

  • Established over 10 years

  • For sale at $280,000 plus stock at valuation


Contact on 9480 3200 or 0422 978 478 for  Information Package



Keywords: Franchise, Icecream,Milkshakes, Cakes, Food

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